Cruz Destroys Rosenstein’s Poor Leadership Skills

Cruz Destroys Rosenstein's Poor Leadership Skills

( – Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein finally went before the Senate this week and there were fireworks. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), in particular, didn’t let him off the hook. During his questioning, the Republican nailed Rosenstein to the wall for his behavior during the Russian investigation.

It was glorious.

The Texas Republican listed Rosenstein’s actions during the investigation. Cruz even got the head of the Russia investigation to basically admit he didn’t really read the FISA application. The senator said the former DOJ official was either “grossly negligent” or “complicit” in the seemingly corrupt acts going on during the probe.

Why didn’t Rosenstein do more? That’s what Senator Cruz and the rest of the country want to know.

It looks like he just allowed investigators to go rogue and made no attempt to rein them in. The result of Rosenstein’s negligence was wasted resources and tax dollars for a witch hunt that led to nothing. It was shameful.

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