Democrat Lawmakers Look to Ram New Amnesty Legislation Through Congress

"Senate Dems Judiciary Committee Members" (CC BY 2.0) by Senate Democrats

The United States is facing some serious challenges at the Southern border, thanks to the actions and policies of the Biden administration.

President Biden’s decision to roll back immigration reforms from the Trump administration has resulted in countless migrant kids arriving unaccompanied at the Southern border. In housing facilities, many of these migrant children are sleeping on floors, going without food for days on end, and being deprived of sunlight.

“Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer” (CC BY 2.0) by Senate Democrats

Instead of getting the border under control, though, Democrats have a very different agenda. This agenda entails ramming new amnesty legislation through Congress, according to Washington Examiner.

The Leftist Plan for Mass Amnesty in America

This week, Democrats in Washington D.C. will review legislation that involves mass citizenship for illegal immigrants and certain migrants. This is something that Democrats have campaigned upon for years; now with the left in control of the White House and Congress, they’re looking to pass as many bills as possible.

If Democrat lawmakers get their way, then two bills will pass that allow illegal immigrants to permanently reside in the United States. The legislation to be reviewed would furthermore grant “Dreamers” in America status as permanent residents.

Some Republicans are on board with a path to citizenship for Dreamers; however, unlike Democrats, GOP lawmakers believe that legislation granting pathways to citizenship should also include anti-chain migrant components and border security protections.

Little Hope for Bipartisanship

As Democrat legislators press for mass amnesty and a path to citizenship, they’re not showing the slightest interest in border security or the reduction of chain migration. Since taking control of the Senate and House, Democrats have also made very clear their lack of interest in bipartisanship.

Therefore, it stands to reason that should Democrats manage to get this legislation through Congress, it will happen with few to no GOP votes. This is quickly becoming par for the course; although, next year, Republicans will have the opportunity to change this dynamic by winning back the House, the Senate, or both.

In the days and weeks that lay ahead, the nation can expect to learn much more about the mass amnesty bills Democrats are pushing for.

Are you concerned that Democrats will manage to ram extreme, far-left amnesty bills through Congress? What types of impacts do you think mass amnesty will have in America? Share your views and concerns with us in the comments section below.