Democrats’ Fixation on Trump Could be Their Downfall

Ever since Trump left the White House in January, the Democrat Party has continued to fixate on him. Apparently, Democrats believe mentioning the 45th president will be enough to collect votes and get their base out on Election Day.

During the Virginia gubernatorial election, Democrats tried this strategy; yet, their candidate was still defeated by Republican and now Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin.

While Terry McAuliffe spent time calling Youngkin Trump 2.0, the Republican candidate centered his campaign on issues that are of value and importance to Virginia voters. This led to Youngkin’s historic win, seeing as Republicans haven’t controlled Virginia for over ten years.

Now, as America heads into the midterm elections, Democrats are being warned that continuing to fixate upon Trump will be their downfall, as Fox News reports.

What the Left Hasn’t Figured Out Just Yet

The Democratic Governors Association’s arriving chairman Roy Cooper believes things won’t go well for Democrats in 2022 if they center their campaigns around Trump.

According to Cooper, Democrat candidates need to focus on “their issues” and determine if the races are worth mentioning how Trump managed to get into public office.

Left-wing pollsters seem to share this outlook. These posters have warned if Democrat candidates insist upon harping about Trump next year, they will “get killed” by Republican candidates.

Furthermore, left-wing pollsters admit the passing of the infrastructure bill didn’t do the Democrat Party very many favors. Americans are still struggling to name precisely what the Democrats have done since being in power for nearly one year.

This doesn’t bode well for left-wing candidates who want to get their base out to vote for them during the midterms.

The Ball-and-Chain-in-Chief

From an objective standpoint, Joe Biden has become a ball and chain for the Democrat Party. Pollsters and strategists can talk all they want about how Democrats shouldn’t fixate upon Trump; however, merely letting go of Trump won’t win Democrats the 2022 midterms.

Today, an ABC News poll revealed Biden’s approval ratings across the board are massively underwater. Nearly seven out of ten voters in this country do not favor the way the 46th president is responding to inflation.

Biden’s approval ratings on crime, gun violence, and immigration also fail to reach the 40% range. Meanwhile, the 46th president is underwater with his overall approval nationwide.

Democrats did all they could to get Joe Biden into the White House. Now, they must face the music and live with the consequences. From the data and the looks of things, these consequences shall entail Republicans taking back the House and Senate next year, followed by the White House in 2024.

Why do you think members of the Democrat Party still remain ao aggressively focused on Trump? Let us know below in the comments area.