Democrats’ Lax Crime Policies Come Back to Bite Them

The negative impacts of the Democrat Party’s lax crime policies and antagonism towards law enforcement are beginning to come to a head. Across America, police officers are quitting; law enforcement agencies are also struggling to find new recruits, an issue that was not previously present. 

Leftists have spent the past year demonizing law enforcement. Some mayors in Democrat-run cities actually did follow through with defunding the police; now, crime is on the rise and more Americans are in danger. 

In San Francisco, California, Democrats had the gall to decriminalize theft that amounts to less than $950. Shoplifting is therefore on the rise and many San Francisco businesses are also shutting down. 

Attacking police and decriminalizing lawlessness is not a good match. As Breitbart News reports, the Democrat Party is now being held to account for this. 

The Crime Problem that Democrats Created in America

By defunding the police across America, Democrats directly paved the way for homicides, carjackings, shootings, and other crime to skyrocket in inner cities.

By trashing law enforcement and pushing for an end to critical police protections (such as qualified immunity), Democrats set in motion the mass exodus from law enforcement that is presently ongoing. 

This weekend, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called out Democrats for this. During an appearance on the Megyn Kelly Show, the leading House GOP official spoke about the crime problem created by Democrats.

McCarthy spoke of small business owners now turning to concealed weapons as a means of protection, amid soaring crime and the defunding of law enforcement. 

Later, the House Minority Leader criticized Democrats for rallying behind more gun control restrictions after decriminalizing lawlessness and defunding police. McCarthy explained that such a move is tantamount to Democrats stripping away both police and Americans’ means of self-protection. 

A Change in Political Leadership 

Right now, it is more than plain that current leadership in America must change. This is one critical reason why Republicans are laser focused on the upcoming elections in 2022 and 2024. 

If Republicans are back in control of the House of Representatives, the change in political leadership will begin. McCarthy is all but guaranteed to become House Speaker if the GOP wins back the House; this would engender a change from business as usual with Pelosi occupying the speakership role. 

The 2024 presidential election also marks the next chance for a political leadership change. Getting Biden out of office is vital; the fate of the economy, U.S.-Mexico border, public safety, and more depends upon it. 

Do you think that Democrats are responsible for the current increases of crime happening across the United States? What do you think about the Democrat Party using this crisis to push for more gun control? Let us know below in the comments section.