Democrats Looking to Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress

"Capitol Dome at Sunset" (CC BY 2.0) by John Brighenti

The events of January 6 in Washington D.C. significantly hurt relationships between Republicans and Democrats in Congress.

While lawmakers on both sides of the aisle rebuked the insurrection, Democrats aren’t letting up on their blame of Republicans. Leftist lawmakers assert that certain Republicans’ decisions to challenge the most recent presidential election’s outcome incited the mob on the 6th.

“Washington D.C. – United States Capitol” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Daniel Mennerich

Republicans, while noting the wrongness and danger of the Capitol riots, also maintain that using the events to paint a broad brush of the GOP is improper.

Meanwhile, Democrats are looking at ways to expel House Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress, Washington Examiner reports.

Leftist Gripe Against Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

Democrats have done everything from call for extra security to accuse their Republican colleagues of attempted murder. In the case of Georgia Rep. Greene, however, Democrat Rep. Jimmy Gomez is readying a resolution to have Greene booted from Congress altogether.

In a statement, the Democrat representative professed that Greene is an advocate of “extremism and sedition.” After urging that the Georgia Republican face prompt congressional expulsion and condemnation from the GOP House, Gomez asserts that Greene poses a “direct threat” to lawmakers’ safety.

The Democrat representative is also urging his fellow House representatives to back his resolution for Greene’s removal from Congress.

Why Greene Will Likely Remain in Congress

The resolution to have the Georgia GOP representative kicked out of Congress is unlikely to result in the outcome that Rep. Gomez would like.

In reality, in order for the resolution against Greene to succeed, two-thirds of the House of Representatives’ majority would have to vote in favor. Despite Democrats having the House majority, it is a slim majority, with not enough votes to oust Rep. Greene.

The Republican representative maintains that she’s a regular target of one death threat after the other. Likewise, Rep. Greene also argues that the Democrats have intentionally smeared and misrepresented her for political reasons.

Since Biden’s time as president, Greene introduced articles of impeachment; however, given the Democrats’ control of the House and the Senate, impeachment articles against Biden were essentially dead on arrival.

Some of Greene’s conduct and actions, however, have caused certain Republicans to vocalize disagreements with her.

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