Democrats Now Increasingly Nervous About Biden’s Mental Stability

Troubling displays from Joe Biden during his speeches and other public appearances are continuing to make headlines. Americans are concerned about the mental well-being of the president who has access to nuclear codes.

Some officials, such as Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, are already sounding the alarm and warning the worst is here. Jackson’s repeatedly called out various episodes from Biden, warning the president isn’t cognitively well and therefore threatens national security.

The Texas representative’s commentary is worth taking note of, given his history of working as a presidential doctor under multiple administrations.

Now, new polling shows that growing numbers of Democrats are currently worried about where Biden’s mental stability stands, per Newsmax.

Another Disasterous Poll For Biden

When questions about Biden’s mental and cognitive functions come up, his team usually writes it off as right-wing talking points. Though after new updates from Issues & Insights/TIPP, this form of deflection isn’t going to work anymore.

According to the poll, only 39% of Democrats were worried about the president’s mental state in August. However, that’s now jumped to 52% of Democrats who have concerns, per this poll taken earlier this month.

Even Biden’s greatest defenders are having a harder time acting like his flubs and gaffes aren’t problematic.

Across the general public, now 64% of Americans have reservations about the president’s mental health. Months ago, this number stood at 59%.

An Uncertain Future

Many Americans have questioned if Biden is even the one truly running the country, despite being president on paper.

On several instances, the president’s been heard saying he’ll get “in trouble” if he answers too many questions from the press. On other occasions, Biden’s carried flashcards with notes on them during meetings with reporters.

Questions about the president’s mental health are also coming up as the country begins to direct more attention to the 2024 White House race.

Even on this, Biden is giving conflicting messages. First, he definitely declared he’ll be running again for office. Yet, during a 60 Minutes interview in September, the president walked this back.

Post-60 Minutes interview, the White House once again reiterated that Biden’s going to run for office again.

Though with Biden frequently making gaffes and errors during public engagements, a lot of Americans question if he’d be able to make it through another presidential campaign.

If Biden chooses to run in 2024, it’ll be different from 2020. He won’t be able to campaign from his basement. He’ll also have to answer for the many problems that have happened on his watch.

Do you have concerns about Joe Biden’s mental well-being or cognitive functions? Do you think he’ll have the psychological ability to go through another presidential campaign in 2024? Let us know your thoughts on these issues in the comments area.