Democrats’ Proposed Infrastructure Bill Slammed for Wasteful Spending

"United States Capitol - Washington, D.C." (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Dougtone

With Democrats leading the charge in Congress and the White House, there will be no shortage of proposed wasteful spending.

Already, over 90% of the so-called American Rescue Plan contains funding for liberal projects with no kin to COVID-19 relief whatsoever. This spending package of $1.9 trillion doesn’t even allocate any funds towards getting schools reopened.

“Washington D.C. – Jefferson Memorial – I” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by fortherock

While the bill does contain $1,400 stimulus payments, there are available paths for illegal immigrants to receive these payments as well. Findings have already shown that granting stimulus checks to illegals would cost American taxpayers almost $8 billion.

As Congress debates over the American Rescue Plan, there is already a new proposal for an infrastructure bill. Like the “coronavirus relief” legislation, the infrastructure bill is ripe with wasteful spending, according to Breitbart News.

What to Know About Democrats’ Proposed Infrastructure Legislation

This morning, Republican Sen. Joni Ernst of Iowa spoke with Fox Business about the infrastructure bill that Democrat lawmakers seek to pass. The Iowa conservative explained that her left-wing colleagues are blowing funds “like it’s monopoly money.”

Sen. Ernst also explained that Democrats’ infrastructure is really just comprised of funds for bridges and subways in California, rather than real infrastructure. Furthermore, Ernst stated that what lawmakers should really be focusing on is coming together in a bipartisan manner to agree upon a transportation bill.

Unfortunately, though, if left-wing spending continues as it has been, there won’t be enough funds for the necessary transportation legislation. The Iowa senator also explained that taxpayers throughout the nation will ultimately be the ones who end up paying for the wasteful spending perpetrated by Democrat lawmakers.

Putting an End to Wasteful Spending

In light of current situations, the midterm elections in 2022 pose the best chance for Republicans to put an end to wasteful spending.

Right now, with Democrats having the White House and both congressional chambers, they’re going to pass as much legislation as they can, even if Republicans aren’t on board. The American Rescue Plan is already set to cost taxpayers billions while providing little relief to those in need.

Judging from the details coming out about Democrats’ proposed legislation on infrastructure, it appears that this bill will simply be a 2.0 version of the American Rescue Plan.

What do you think about Democrats pushing for an infrastructure bill that does little to improve actual infrastructure across the country? Let us know in the section for comments below.