Democrats Respond to GOP Rep. Caught with Gun in Carry-on Bag

In America, the process of air traveling with a firearm is not difficult.

The gun is required to be unloaded and put within a hard-side, locked case. The key to this case should be kept with the traveler at all times.

Then, the hard-side, locked case holding the firearm needs to be put within a checked bag at the airport and declared to the airline which the traveler is flying with.

Despite the simple nature of traveling with a firearm in the United States, there are still some people who try to sneak guns into their carry-on bags.

This happens despite multiple signs at airport security checkpoints which note that attempting to transport a gun in this manner is illegal.

Earlier this week, GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn was caught trying to bring a gun through airport security in his carry-on bag at the Charlotte, North Carolina airport.

This is Cawthorn’s second time being caught with a gun in his carry-on, notwithstanding the rules of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

In light of the incident earlier this week, Democrats have since reached out to TSA with some requests of their own, per The Hill.

Democrats on TSA and Firearms in Airports

Democrat Reps. Bonnie Watson Coleman and Bennie Thompson penned a letter to TSA, asking the organization to penalize Cawthorn for taking a gun through airport security for a second time. 

Another portion of the letter goes on to decry “persistent” cases of travelers carrying firearms through airport security checkpoints. After making this note, both Democrats urged TSA to release a plan to reduce the number of these incidents.

Given Cawthorn’s status as a repeat offender in this regard, Coleman and Thompson asked TSA to increase penalties for repeat offenders and also share the data of people who repeatedly take firearms to security checkpoints.

No Word From Cawthorn

As of early Friday, Rep. Cawthorn has not released a statement on being detected with a firearm in his carry-on bag.

Many Americans today are wondering what drove Cawthorn to do this, especially since he was previously busted and cited at the Asheville, North Carolina airport for the same offense.

Aside from taking firearms through airport security repeatedly, Cawthorn has also been caught driving without a license. Photographs of him at a party wearing lingerie likewise surfaced as well.

Some people question why the congressman isn’t facing steeper legal penalties when it comes to his repeatedly improper transportation of guns in airports.

What do you think about Democrats’ reaction to GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn being caught with a firearm at an airport security checkpoint for the second time? Please don’t hesitate to share your takes with us on this in the comments field.