Democrats Running Scared Over GOP Election Bills

The Republican Party has made election security a vital part of their agenda. After massive reports and claims of fraud in the 2020 presidential election, the GOP moved to implement measures which make legal voting easier and cheating much more difficult. 

This terrifies Democrats. For as much as left-wingers wrongly assert that GOP elections bills are racist, their real fears are very much apparent. Democrats know that they don’t stand a chance of winning future elections without cheating. 

Republicans across several states have passed legislation to ensure that all elections going forward are secure, legal, and fair. As the midterms approach, Democrats are now running scared that they’re going to lose their House and Senate majorities to Republicans, according to Newsmax

Left-wing Fears Over GOP Election Integrity Legislation

Democrats are openly admitting that GOP election bills will mean the demise of their party in the 2022 midterms. Left-wing figures like Max Wood and Nsé Ufot maintain that Democrats are essentially screwed if they cannot create a repeat of what happened in November 2020. 

Ufot specifically stated that Democrats are hard at work to ensure that their constituents and voting base “get it”; meanwhile, Wood maintains that he’s concerned that the so-called “extremity” of conservative voting bills will hamper Democrats’ outcomes in the midtems. 

Democrat activist LaTosha Brown also expressed concerns. Brown believes that Democrats are champions of “democracy”; however, Brown also claimed that “hope” on the political left is quickly morphing into widespread frustration. 

Left-wing fears over GOP election integrity legislation explains why congressional Democrats want to pass For the People Act. This act is a bill that bars states from managing their own elections and puts taxpayer money into the accounts of Democrats’ political campaigns. 

Leftists don’t believe that they can win fair elections; therefore, their only perceived paths to victory and more power entail rigging and cheating. 

More Problems for Democrats

The Democrat Party is so fixated on cheating its way into power that the failure of leftist policies isn’t even a thought. Yet, for the rest of the nation, it’s becoming more and more apparent that leftist policies don’t work. 

Democrats can whine all they want about GOP elections bills; yet, at the end of the day, Democrats have the Senate, House, and White House right now. As Democrats run the show, Americans are paying more to live, suffering from crime, and dealing with an overrun Southern border. 

This, not GOP elections bills, is why Democrats will ultimately lose the 2022 congressional elections. 

What do you think about the Democrats running scared over commonsense election integrity bills? Do you think Republicans are going to win the midterm elections? Let us know your thoughts on these latest developments below in the comments section.