Democrats Submit Resolution to Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement

"OTB Houston 2019-077" (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Marshals Service

Over the past several years, Americans have witnessed the Democrat Party’s increasingly antagonistic attitude towards various bodies of law enforcement. The left, in the same breath, has also chosen to defend individuals who riot, loot, light businesses on fire, and otherwise tear apart communities.

Now, with the possibility of Biden in the White House, Democrats are all too happy to work to push their agendas. Of course, this entails not only defunding the police, but also now abolishing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

“OTB Houston 2019-030” (CC BY 2.0) by U.S. Marshals Service

Washington Examiner reports that Democrats in California are already putting pressure on Joe Biden and members of Congress to do away with ICE altogether.

Why California Democrats Want to Abolish ICE

Democrats in the Golden State recently submitted a resolution known as the Abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

This piece of legislation seeks to “completely get rid of [ICE].” Proponents of this bill are operating under the assumption that Biden will be the next president; therefore, they’re making the case that a “Biden administration” creates the opportunity to end ICE once and for all.

Democrats behind the legislation to abolish ICE are furthermore calling upon Congress to back the “Biden administration” in abolishing the government agency. Calls to abolish ICE arrive as the fate of the U.S. Senate’s majority lies in the hands of Georgia voters.

On January 5, Americans will learn whether or not Republicans will contine to control the Senate. Should the GOP fail to maintain its majority and should Biden become the next president, this will make Democrats’ work to abolish ICE all the more easier.

Defunding the Police

Renewed calls to abolish ICE arrive as Democrats also embrace defunding the police. Granted, the defunding of police is something that certain moderate Democrats have worked to distance themselves from; however, the growing extremists within the Democrat Party are all for doing away with law enforcement in this country.

Talk about defunding the police and abolishing ICE furthermore comes as Georgia Democrats running for Senate call for cashless bail and opening up U.S. prisons. All of these policies combined would cripple and disenfranchise law enforcement, while giving criminals and gangsters a free-for-all in America.

What do you think about the Democrat Party’s renewed calls to abolish ICE? How do you think the Georgia Senate runoffs will impact Congress? Let us know in the comments section below!