Dems Erase Their Own History

Dems Erase Their Own History

( – If you listen to the Left for any period of time, you might walk away thinking Republicans were fighting to keep slaves and that they’re the ones who put the Confederate statues up. That’s not true, of course — that’s probably why they keep trying to tear everything down.

A couple of weeks ago, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) said he was going to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from its perch in Richmond. Then, a judge blocked his order. On June 18, Richmond Circuit Court Judge Bradley Cavedo extended the order until July 23, at least.

In Washington DC, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) said she’s having the portraits of four House speakers who fought for the South in the Civil War removed. The men who served the Confederacy are Howell Cobb, Robert Hunter, Charles Crisp, and James Orr.

Pelosi said the men “embody the violent bigotry and grotesque racism” of the Confederate Army. She also had the statues removed.

The Democratic Party was a violent, racist group of people before and after the Civil War. They should not be allowed to just erase their past because it makes them uncomfortable.

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