Denver Officials Refuse to Help ICE Deport Criminal Aliens

Denver Officials Refuse to Help ICE Deport Criminal Aliens

( – It’s no secret that radical left sanctuary policies are dangerous. An illegal alien was recently arrested in New York for killing a 92-year-old woman. San Francisco’s sanctuary policy is blamed for the 2015 death of Kate Steinle.

Now Denver, Colorado is signaling that they’ll subject their residents to the dangerous policies as well.

This week, Denver officials said that they would not give US Customs and Immigration Enforcement (ICE) information about four men the agency wants to deport. ICE sent administrative subpoenas — for the first time ever — to law enforcement in the city.

Chad Sublet, Senior Counsel to the Department of Safety in Denver, thumbed his nose at the federal authorities saying “we are denying your request.” He went on to say ICE’s efforts could be “viewed as an effort to intimidate officers into help enforcing civil immigration law.”

One would think that, from his statement, ICE was trying to deport nice men who are working and caring for their families. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Three of the men are Mexican nationals who have all been arrested for violent crimes. One was for child abuse and strangulation, the second for vehicular homicide, and the final guy for sexual assault. The fourth man that ICE wants to deport is from Honduras and he was in custody for domestic violence.

All four of these dangerous individuals reentered the US after previous deportations.

By refusing to help federal authorities, Denver officials are putting their citizens in danger every single day. How shameful.

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