DeSantis Pushes Back on Biden Making Hurricane Ian About COVID Vaccines

In Florida, the state is preparing as Hurricane Ian approaches. Multiple airlines in the line of fire have ceased operations. Others throughout Florida are warning of cancellations and telling people to check their flight status before coming to the airports.

Certain Floridian communities are under mandatory evacuation orders, whereas others are being encouraged to evacuate. Sandbags remain used as a tool to prevent internal flooding.

Meanwhile, Floridians are advised to stock up on medicine, food, and other supplies while they still can.

As all this plays out, Joe Biden recently claimed that having COVID vaccines is critical preparation for the incoming hurricane. The president even went as far as saying individuals who aren’t vaccinated will experience far more complications.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis recently hit back at Biden for trying to connect Hurricane Ian to COVID vaccines, per Breitbart News.

Pushing Back on Biden’s Reckless Claims

Taking to Twitter, the DeSantis War Room pushed back against these latest remarks from Biden.

It was noted that Florida’s first responders and emergency teams will be working throughout the state to assist people, regardless of whether or not they’re vaccinated. The reality is that the connection Biden tried to draw just simply does not exist.

When DeSantis has given different press conferences to warn Floridians about Hurricane Ian, there’s never once been any mention of COVID vaccines. This is because getting vaccinated against COVID has absolutely nothing to do with staying safe from a natural disaster.

Why Biden has attempted to claim otherwise is a mystery to many people. Though it’s safe to say the president’s latest comments regarding this issue left most Americans shaking their heads.

Social Media Dunks on Biden

Attempting to link COVID vaccines to protection from Hurricane Ian comes on a long list of ridiculous claims from this president.

Therefore, social media has enjoyed a field day of picking apart various pieces of Biden’s rhetoric.

As the president baselessly tries to intertwine COVID vaccines with Hurricane Ian, he’s also continued to mislead Americans about the southern border, America’s crime rates, the economy, and more.

Throughout Biden’s time as president, he has consistently shown that he’s not to be trusted or taken seriously. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before more outlandish comments come from this president.

Meanwhile, the onus lies on Americans to be discerning enough to know when the president is lying or just trying to push his own agenda.

What do you think of Joe Biden claiming that getting vaccinated against COVID makes dealing with hurricanes less complicated? Do you believe Biden should be called out for making this type of statement? Feel free to share your thoughts about this in the comments section.