DHS Downplays Severity of Border Crisis

With less than nine months of President Biden in office, so much of the United States is an absolute mess. Biden’s created a border crisis and then done absolutely nothing to solve it.

He’s letting illegal immigrants just pour into the nation, knowing good and well that the country does not have the resources to care for these people. Many Americans believe Biden is letting all these migrants in to give them citizenship and permanently create a new class of Democrat voters.

Virtually every single American understands that what’s happening at the southern border is not OK. Even people who have previously sung Biden’s praises and are far from hardcore conservatives or Trump fans are seeing this for what it is.

Very recently, Fox News host Chris Wallace, a person notorious for praising Democrats, grilled Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the nightmare ruining the southern border, per Breitbart News.

Mayorkas on the Condition of the Southern Border

During the DHS secretary’s sit-down with Wallace on Fox News, Wallace pressed him about what’s going on at the border. To be precise, Wallace asked Mayorkas whether or not the Biden White House made a “magnet” that serves as a beacon to illegal immigrants.

However, the DHS secretary responded by stating that there’s nothing original about the massive flood of migrants at the southern border. Mayorkas proceeded to assert that “irregular” immigration of the aforementioned nature happened many time before.

However, the Fox News anchor pushed back against this. Wallace pointed out that DHS’ own data proves that since Biden got into office, more illegal immigrants have come over the border.

Mayorkas’ only response was to allege that in 2010, 2014, and 2019, Americans saw massive numbers of migrants coming to the border. The DHS secretary, while on Fox News, also didn’t say the Biden administration has any kind of a strategy to get these numbers lowered.

An Administration in Denial

The Biden administration is in absolute denial and it’s dangerous. They cannot continue to pretend as if everything at the southern border is hunky dory and business as usual. The attitude from Mayorkas is an absolute failure of the Homeland Security department and it’s not good.

The president cannot just unilaterally choose not to enforce the laws of immigration in America. When Biden took his oath of office, he agreed to the duties of the office. One of these duties entails upholding the laws of immigration, no matter how much he’d like a permanent underclass of Democrat voters in America.

What do you think about the DHS secretary’s cavalier responses to questions on what’s happening at the southern border? Do you believe the situation will keep getting worse? Let us know below in the comments section.