Does Biden have the African American support needed to win?


Two recent polls have shown that Joe Biden is losing the support of African Americans to such a degree that his election chances are seriously in doubt. Biden is now expected to select a black woman as his running mate to compensate for the lake of support.

A recent poll from John Zogby Strategies and EMI Research Solutions shows that 77% of black voters support Biden, versus 14% who are for Trump.

Republicans believe Trump has enough African American support to win in November

Republican officials have suggested that the level of support that Trump enjoys from African Americans is enough to secure his reelection. Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina, who is an African American, predicted back in February that it’s “Game over if we get 14.”

In 2016 Trump won 8% of the black vote. In 2005 George W. Bush did better with 11%.
Up until the pandemic, Trump presided over a record drop in black unemployment, fuelling his rise in the polls. Trump has appointed African Americans to his cabinet and hosted various events and round tables specifically to give African Americans influence over policies like those on criminal justice reform.

The Zogby poll shows Trump narrowing Biden’s lead to 49%-42%, down from 54%-41% in May.
A recent ‘White House Watch’ report published by Rasmussen found Trump doing even better, with 21% of black people supporting his reelection.

Other polls show that a majority of African Americans prefer strong law and order policies and reject the movement to defund the police, which is loudly voiced by Black Lives Matter, an organization closely tied to the Democrats.

Biden will probably have to choose a black female running mate


John Zogby analyzed his poll results, saying that Biden’s under-performance among black voters is “a possible sign of concern.” Zogby also suggested that Biden will likely have to choose a black woman as his running mate.

He said, “First significant event: the very important choice of a running mate. The whole world is watching, and this certainly argues for the selection of an African American woman. These numbers among blacks are dismal.”

Zogby went on describing Biden’s polling, “Blacks are not where they should be. Young and Hispanics look good, as do women. I think he has slack for a month, but this may be the most important VP choice since 1960. I hear a lot about Tammy Duckworth, but if his pollsters are showing what ours are, the choice will have to be a black woman.”