DOJ Sues County for Banning ICE Flights at Airport

DOJ Sues County for Banning ICE Flights at Airport

( – The US Department of Justice (DOJ) isn’t playing games with King County, Washington anymore. The DOJ announced that it’s suing the precinct. Federal authorities say the county put an illegal policy in place that bans immigration flights out of Seattle’s Boeing Field.

Attorney General William Barr discussed the lawsuit on Monday while he was announcing other plans to crack down on sanctuary cities. Trump supporter Anton Sakharov, who’s running for governor in the state, thanked the DOJ:

King County, however, is defending the ban that authorities call a safety risk. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan went off on a tangent and said immigrants are great for America. The DOJ, however, doesn’t want to use the airport to deport random immigrants. Instead, they want to use it to get criminals out of the US. Big difference.

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