Don Jr. Slams Media Hypocrisy

Don Jr. Slams Media Hypocrisy

( – The presumed Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is in some hot water, yet the press is all but ignoring it. Meanwhile, when President Donald Trump even stumbles over a word, they freak out. Now, Donald Trump Jr. is lashing out at the media for their double standards.

During an April 25 interview with Breitbart News’ SiriusXM 125 the Patriot Channel, the president’s eldest son spoke out. Don Jr. said his father is constantly being asked hostile questions. He said the Trump Campaign operates on the assumption the media will ask, “Do you beat your wife?”

Trump Jr. went on to say his dad is never going to “get a fair shot” from the media. They’re constantly trying to make the president look incompetent, while they ignore Tara Reade’s allegations again Biden. Don reiterated his position on Twitter.

He’s not wrong. The media has attacked Trump for years and they won’t stop. Their “GOTCHA!” questions keep the Left coming back for more, increasing press ratings. Apparently money is more important than truth.

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