Economy Continues to Fail Under Biden’s Leadership


The economy is a big deal in the United States right now. It’s also taking one hit after the other, thanks to President Biden’s complete divorce from reality and fiscal responsibility. Meanwhile, the White House is all too eager to just keep on endlessly spending money and worsening the current crisis. 

Despite Democrats’ attempts to write off mention of the economy as right-wing talking points, polls show that most Americans are concerned. Polls earlier this month also confirm that the majority of voters believe that President Biden’s policies on the economy have led to the current mess. 

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Today’s new update from Commerce Department confirms that the economy is continuing to suffer with the Biden administration is charge. According to Breitbart News, the economy only grew by a yearly rate of 6.5% in the previous quarter. 

A Stagnant Economy 

During 2021’s first quarter, annual economic growth was 6.3%. Economists therefore projected that new economic growth would come out in the 8% range; however, the previous quarter only saw 6.5% in growth. 

The latest news from Commerce Department comes amid other sobering updates regarding the U.S. economy. Analysts are already anticipating that inflation is going to be with the United States for quite some time to come. 

This means that for all of Democrats’ talk about stimulus checks boosting the economy, it hasn’t happened. It was never going to happen because running up the national deficit and printing money doesn’t led to economic success. 

Fiscal responsibility has never really been a strong suit for Democrats; however, the Biden administration remains truly obtuse to the reality that their policies aren’t working. This is why Biden and Democrats are pushing for a heightened amount of spending.

During a town hall with CNN earlier in the month, Biden even claimed that inflation will disappear in the long run if spending continues. The obliviousness is both astounding and frightening.

Facing the Music in 2022

The Biden administration and Democrats will have to face the music for the harm they’re doing to America during next year’s midterms. Already, Republicans are campaigning, reaching out to voters, and not letting anyone forget what the Democrats are doing with their majorities in Washington D.C. 

Running up the national deficit, running up inflation, letting drugs, gangbangers, and human traffickers pour over the border are just some starting points. Let’s no also forget the fact that the Biden administration is essentially backing the Cuban communist regime by refusing to take action on behalf of Cuban protesters calling for their freedom. 

What do you think about the latest economic news from Commerce Department? Do you believe that President Biden and his administration are responsible for the current stagnation of the economy? We want your views below in the comments section.