Elon Musk Spars with Bernie Sanders Over Taxes

Americans constantly hear Democrats push for higher and higher taxes. The leftist claim asserts that it is necessary for wealthy people to “pay their fair share” so that everyone else can do well.

Democrats tend to seek higher taxes in order to fund various big government programs they want to run. They always claim only the top richest individuals will feel the burden of higher taxes; yet, this is a lie.

The honest truth is that even the wealthiest Americans cannot be taxed enough to pay for all the inane proposals Democrats want to be implemented into law. At some point, these tax hikes always trickle down to the middle class in one form or another. Just look at inflation.

In a new development, Tesla CEO Elon Musk found himself in a Twitter back and forth with socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders over taxes, as Washington Examiner documents.

Elon Musk vs. Bernie Sanders

On November 13, Sanders stated it is imperative for the United States to “demand” wealthy folks pay what Sanders called “their fair share” in taxes. This led to Elon Musk tweeting back, stating he keeps failing to remember the socialist senator is still living.

Next, Musk sent another tweet, urging Sanders to “say the word” if he’d like Musk to sell additional Tesla stock. Thus far, Sanders hasn’t replied; though, this hasn’t stopped Musk from chiming in with additional thoughts.

In other Twitter posts, the Tesla CEO described Sanders as a “taker” rather than someone who actually makes or generates products or services.

Musk previously called out the United Nations for a child sex abuse scandal after someone suggested a donation to the UN could significantly cut back on world hunger. Musk also called upon folks to show exactly how the money from a hypothetical donation would be used to tackle world hunger.

Thus far, no demonstration has been submitted.

Stopping Higher Taxes

As usual, Democrats like Bernie Sanders have it backwards. Raising taxes on Americans is not the way to go forward. By contrast, the federal government should be lessening taxes across the board.

When people can keep more of the money they earn, they are in a better position to support themselves and feed their families. Americans who hold onto their earnings (instead of being forced to fork them over to the government) can also put money into the economy, support businesses, and even start businesses.

It speaks volumes that Bernie Sanders has yet to respond to the remarks or questions from Elon Musk. It is also imperative for the United States to reject the vision for America that leftists like Sanders want to see implemented.

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