Endless COVID Boosters Widely Rejected by the Public

During the very start of COVID, everyone was told getting vaccinated is the key to obliterating this virus. However, once people got vaccinated, the goalposts shifted yet again.

This time, people were told they needed to get booster shots on top of their initial vaccinations. Now, the medical community is apparently going to roll out vaccinations for the omicron variant, along with subsequent boosters.

Meanwhile, the CDC has shifted the meaning of “fully vaccinated.” People are no longer going to be deemed as “fully vaccinated” unless they’ve been boosted in addition to getting the standard vaccines.

Some places that mandated the original COVID shots are also now mandating the boosters.

At this point, it’s very clear to everyone paying attention that this thing is just going to keep going and going. The goalposts to defeat COVID will continue to move and new vaccines will be miraculously rolled out in record periods of time.

However, a new poll shows most Americans aren’t willing to accept endless booster shots, as covered by Breitbart News.

Where the Public Really Stands on Boosters

A poll conducted by the Convention of States/Trafalgar Group confirms that six in ten Americans aren’t willing to take more than two booster shots. Meanwhile, 30.9% told the pollster they wouldn’t take any boosters at all.

17.8% of people are only open to taking one booster shot, while 39.7% are open to accepting three booster shots or more.

Democrats are more likely to be willing to get three or more boosters; meanwhile, 49.5% of Republicans aren’t willing to get any booster shots. Independents, on the other hand, are largely split on the matter.

43.2% said they’d get three or more different booster shots. However, 33.3% aren’t open to getting any booster shots. With boosters being heavily pushed on the American public, this has become yet another area of controversy as it pertains to COVID.

What Difference Does It Really Make?

The mainstream narrative continues to insist that vaccines and boosters are what make the difference when it comes to COVID. However, this becomes more unbelievable by the day.

Vaccinated people are still testing positive for this virus and getting sick. Meanwhile, the virus is not going away, even with all these different shots available.

The heavy rolling out of boosters, ironically, only brings the efficacy of the initial vaccines into question. Why are one, two, three, four, and more boosters necessary if the original shots work?

What is the purpose of a “vaccine” that cannot protect its recipients from getting infected or passing along the virus to others? Whenever people ask these questions, they’re just told that more vaccines and boosters are the answers. Fewer people are falling for it.

How many COVID vaccine boosters would you be willing to take? Let us know in the comments area below.