“Expert” Witness Grinds Her Ax

As the Democrats continued their impeachment witch hunt inquiry they brought a trio of so-called experts into the chamber. This is their attempt to shore up their half-baked definition of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” Enter Stanford University law professor Pamela Karlan, a woman apparently given to hyperbole to the n-th degree.

While under oath, she stated:

Normally, one might expect our leaders to be fair-minded when undertaking something so momentous as attempting to remove a sitting president from office. Obviously, “fair and balanced” interpretations of events don’t have a place in the Democrat-controlled House chambers.

Prof. Karlan is not only a vitriolic anti-Trumper, but she was also on Hillary Clinton’s unofficial list of potential candidates to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court. On top of that, she is a long-time donor to politicians like Elizabeth Warren (D-CA), former President Barack Obama and, of course, Clinton.

While it cannot be definitively said she shaded her testimony, two things are absolutely true. She threw shade at young Barron Trump and her reasons for testifying remain problematic.

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