Experts Debunk Myth of Fossil Fuel Scarcity

M. King Hubbert may have kickstarted the race against time in his 1950s’ “peak oil” theory, but modern technology and discoveries prove there is still an inexhaustible sea of resources beneath us.

As it turns out, we are not on a doomed course toward exhausting our crude supplies – meaning this clock has much further to run than initially anticipated.

Abundance of Reserves Discovered

Despite predictions of ‘peak oil’ and catastrophic crude resource depletion, technology has managed to reveal an abundance of reserves beneath our feet.

This discovery means the clock is still ticking in a world where humans can continue to access energy through petroleum – with no end in sight.

Engineering and Technology recently reported that due to advancements in technology, accessible oil and gas reserves are set to soar nearly 100% by 2050.

The key drivers behind this unprecedented growth include the implementation of supercomputers, robots, and cutting-edge chemical extraction techniques, allowing us to extract more from existing resources than ever before.

The world of energy resources is abounding – so much that a BP official has gone on record to confirm it.

According to Engineering and Technology, current fossil fuel supplies are estimated at 2.9 trillion barrels of oil equivalent by 2050.

However, with the innovative technologies in use today this amount could be bolstered even further – potentially reaching 7.5 trillion if technology advances faster than expected over time.

Unexpected Surprise Discovered on Earth’s Mantle

Earth is proving to be a more impressive source of energy than previously thought.

From the research conducted over past years, hydrocarbons are now known not to come from decaying organisms, but instead synthesized through chemical reactions deep within our planet.

This evidence overturns fundamental views about fossil fuels and suggests that Earth could have even greater potential as an abundant supplier of sustainable energy sources.

An unexpected surprise has been discovered deep within Earth’s mantle; a “bounty” of natural gas and the building blocks for oil products.

This discovery, reported by both Science magazine and Nature magazine, is made possible through the chemical processing of carbon found in our planet’s core – unlocking an entirely new potential resource.

As concerns about energy sustainability and climate change continue to grow, experts are urging individuals and businesses to take advantage of the current availability of fossil fuels, while also actively seeking out and investing in renewable energy sources.

While government regulations and subsidies may play a role in the transition to cleaner energy, it is ultimately the market that will drive the development of affordable and practical alternatives.

With fossil fuel reserves dwindling, now is the time to invest in a more sustainable future.

As the global demand for energy continues to rise, experts are suggesting that individuals and businesses should take advantage of the current abundance of resources, while also actively seeking out and investing in renewable energy sources.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.