Facebook Extends Trump Account Suspension Until Early 2023

"Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victi" (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Social media sites are not letting up on their vendetta against former President Trump. The insurrection that happened several months ago on Capitol Hill gave liberal tech giants the perfect excuse to carry out a censorship campaign against Trump.

“Trump, Pentagon leaders honor 9/11 victi” (CC BY 2.0) by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Every single social media site to ban the 45th president from accessing their service uses the same talking points. They allege that Trump is dangerous and assert that his remarks on January 6 egged on and applauded loyalists who besieged the Capitol. 

This week, Facebook made an announcement regarding an extension of Trump’s current ban on their platform, reports Breitbart News

Facebook on the Fate of Trump’s Account

According to Facebook, Trump will not be permitted back onto the site until January 7, 2023. This date will mark exactly two years from when Facebook first suspended Trump from their platform, citing his commentary on the insurrection as grounds. 

However, January 7, 2023 is not a definite date for Trump’s reinstatement. Facebook made very clear that even then, they reserve the right to extend the former president’s ban once more if the “experts” opine that letting him back onto the site threatens public safety. 

This decision from Facebook comes after the Facebook Oversight Board last month called upon the website to make a decision regarding the permanence of Trump’s suspension from the site. The Oversight Board moreover says that Facebook needs to make up its mind on whether they will permanently blacklist Trump from the site or not. 

Response from Trump

The former president released a statement amid Facebook’s announcement that they won’t let him back on the site until at least early 2023. 

Trump declared that such a decision marks an “insult” to the tens of millions of Americans who voted for him in the 2020 presidential election. Moreover, the former president explained that “censoring and silencing” is not something that Facebook ought to get away with. 

Many conservatives have criticized Facebook’s latest decision regarding Trump’s account. Others stated that the timeline of January 2023 interestingly happens right after the 2022 midterms; many Republicans believe that this is Facebook’s way of attempting to interfere with Trump’s ability to help GOP candidates win elections. 

There is another consensus out there, however. In light of Facebook’s latest ruling, many Americans are convinced that the social media site will never lift the ban on Trump’s account. At this point, it appears as though Facebook has “unofficially” issued a permanent ban against Trump without expressly stating so. 

What do you think about Facebook extending its ban against Trump until 2023? Do you believe the website is ever going to allow the former president back on? Share your viewpoints in the comments section below.