Facebook Releases Second Statement Following Biden’s “Killing People” Attacks


President Biden and other members of the current White House are having a tough time when it comes to the coronavirus vaccine. Weeks ago, the Biden administration set a goal of having 70% of America vaccinated by July 4; however, this is a goal that the White House failed to meet. 

Since failing to meet the goal of having 70% of the country vaccinated by Independence Day 2021, the White House announced a plan to go to the homes of the unvaccinated to persuade them to get the jab. This plan received massive pushback, marking yet another failure for the White House. 

Last week, President Biden stated that Facebook was supposedly “killing people” by not censoring supposed “misinformation.” After this, Facebook released a scathing statement in response; then, a Facebook official further responded to President Biden’s claims in an interview, as Townhall reports. 

Facebook’s Latest Response to the Biden Administration

On Friday, a Facebook official spoke with NBC News about President Biden’s claim that they are “killing people” by not increasing censorship levels regarding posts about COVID-19. The official particularly revealed that Surgeon General Vivek Murthy has been in talks with Facebook to congratulate the company’s part in sharing information about coronavirus and vaccines. 

Shortly thereafter, the Facebook official explained that the Biden White House is ultimately seeking a “scapegoat” since they did not achieve their goal of getting 70% of Americans immunized against COVID by July 4th. Facebook then stated that the White House ultimately knows that this is what they’re doing. 

On Twitter, Facebook also put out a statement urging people to “move past” what they called “finger pointing.” Facebook would later go on to state that support levels for coronavirus vaccines are extremely high on their platform. 

President Biden has not publicly responded to the statement from Facebook or the remarks from the company’s official in the NBC News interview. 

Failure from the White House

The White House has continued to fail on one front after the other. This goes beyond just missing the July 4 vaccination goal; the White House has advocated for sending officials to homes of Americans and even censoring social media users who post about COVID vaccines. 

What’s most ironic about this is that all this aggressive pushiness from the White House is having the opposite effect than they want. In fact, in recent weeks, the Biden administration has been complaining about how not enough Americans are getting the COVID vaccine; yet, the White House still doesn’t understand that their methods are not working. 

What do you think about Facebook’s latest response to President Biden accusing them of murder? Do you think the White House is shooting itself in the foot? Let us know your views on Facebook’s latest statement in the comments section below.