Fauci Takes Major Heat for Funding Beagle Torture Experiments

Tony Fauci has been heralded by the political left as a public health official who can do no wrong. Earlier this year, when Fauci’s private emails leaked and showed he was less than forthcoming with the public regarding COVID, the left buried their heads in the sand and said there was nothing to see.

Leftists have repeatedly dismissed the oddball statements from Fauci, such as him saying in mid-2020 that Americans should consider wearing goggles over their eyes to stop COVID.

When Fauci was busted for lying about the NIH funding Chinese gain-of-function research, leftists again ignored it and claimed there was nothing to this.

However, Fauci’s latest scandal of allegedly funding an experiments of insects eating beagles alive after these beagles’ vocal cords were slashed is something even the left can’t make go away, per Fox News.

Calls for Fauci’s Arrest

Amid the news that Fauci helped fund an experiment where beagles were left to die by having hungry insects eat their flesh, the country is livid. “#ArrestFauci” trended on Sunday, as Americans called out this gruesome experiment as inhumane animal torture.

What’s making people even more furious is that money from taxpayers funded beagles having their vocal cords cut before being eaten alive so the experimenters couldn’t hear them screaming in pain.

Social media posts calling for Fauci’s arrest branded him as a monster who should see jail time. Other posted memes of beagles going after Fauci to avenge the ones he helped murder during science experiments.

Silence from Fauci

As of Monday morning, “#ArrestFauci” has resumed trending on Twitter with at least 141,000 tweets using the hashtag. To say Americans are demanding answers and accountability for these cruel experiments funded with taxpayer dollars is an understatement.

Thus far, major leftist media outlets are silent about these reports. This appears to be the left’s way of hoping this scandal will eventually blow over. Fauci himself also remains silent about the matter thus far.

This week, Americans should expect to hear more news and input regarding these reports. Moreover, it is likely the White House will be questioned about this matter as well, since Fauci is Biden’s top health adviser.

Judging from the conduct of the White House thus far, there’s no doubting the Biden administration will try to undermine reports of Fauci funding beagle torture and act like the matter is less serious that it is.

Do you think Tony Fauci will ever be held accountable for the role he played in funding the torture of beagles where they’re eaten alive by insects after having their vocal cords slashed? Do you believe this story will gain more traction in the mainstream media? Let us know in the comments field below.