Fauci’s Finances Under New Microscope Amid Email Scandal

"White House Coronavirus Update Briefing" (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

The fallout over the release of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails appears to be just getting started. Many Americans want to know when Fauci knew things, what else he may be hiding, and what kickbacks the health official received. 

Already, the first release of emails shows that Fauci was knowingly deceitful about COVID research funding, face mask efficacy, the origins of this virus, and so much more. Americans deserve the answers they’re looking for and unlike the Democrats, conservatives are not going to cover for Fauci. 

“White House Coronavirus Update Briefing” (Public Domain) by The Trump White House Archived

This week, during a radio interview, GOP Rep. Jerry Carl warned that due to the nature of Fauci’s emails, there is now merit to take a closer look at his finances, per Breitbart News

Revealing the True Extent of Fauci’s Deception

While speaking on FM Talk 106.5, Rep. Carl explained that the differences between what Fauci emailed privately vs. what he said publicly could come down to money.

The Alabama lawmaker pointed out that U.S. taxpayers deserve the right to question government bureaucrats, especially unelected ones, about the role that money plays in their rhetoric.

Carl also noted that as an official elected by the people, his own finances are public; meanwhile, Fauci (who has given advice that’s impacted and ruined many lives) gets to keep his finances concealed. 

Finally, Rep. Carl pointed out that with just one “single statement,” Fauci has the ability to alter the stock market. This is quite a bit of power and influence; as such, the Alabama lawmaker believes that the public has a right to see if financial motivations impacted Fauci’s deception of the American public. 

The Need for Transparency

For quite some time, Fauci was allowed to say whatever he wanted about COVID with impunity, no matter how many contradictions or nonsensical statements this entailed. Even after the email leak, the White House is still standing by Fauci and defending him. 

Because of Fauci throwing his weight behind shutdowns, many Americans lost their jobs; many businesses also went under for good and others are fighting to stay alive. 

Questions are not going to simply disappear; moreover, the public has a right to know about what ultimately motivated the huge discrepancies between Fauci’s private emails and public statements. 

Even before the leak of Fauci’s email, polls showed that public trust in this supposed expert was on a decline. There is no doubt that the latest revelations will only cause more people to distrust Fauci. 

Do you think Americans have a right to know if money motivated Fauci’s public recommendations and claims regarding COVID? Let us know your thoughts about a potential review of Fauci’s finances in the comments section below.