FBI Chain of Command Failed: IG Horowitz

FBI Chain of Command Failed: IG Horowitz

Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz ripped the entire hierarchy of the FBI in the handling of the “Russia probe” involving President Trump.

This all occurred during former President Barack Obama’s tenure when Eric Holder was Attorney General. It takes no great leap to infer that the prior administration was rife with corruption and ineptitude. One major factor was how agents manipulated a federal court to obtain warrants.

The FBI relied solely on the then-questionable and now-debunked “Steele dossier” to convince a judge to sign orders allowing wiretaps on people involved in the Trump campaign.

When that came to naught, Democrats sicced Robert Mueller on the president. After two years and huge piles of money gone to waste, Mueller announced that his intent to release his report, which the Liberals and their media lackeys salivating over the “smoking gun” they knew they had on the evils purportedly committed by the Villain-in-Chief. It eventually landed with a resounding THUD!

Now, they’ve moved onto this ridiculous impeachment movement and it’s almost assuredly doomed to ultimate failure as well. Additionally, Democrats may resort to other tactics if it seems that Republicans have a chance to take back the House. The thought of what the Dems might cook up next should scare everyone in America.

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