FBI Puts These Americans on Same Threat Level as ISIS

FBI Puts These Americans on Same Threat Level as ISIS

(WatchDogNews.org) – This week, in a House Judiciary Committee hearing, FBI Director Christopher Wray said the agency has put white nationalists and neo-nazis on the same threat level as ISIS.

During the hearing, Wray said the FBI is focused on violent extremists and domestic terrorists. He said the “national threat priority” designation will allow the agency to focus more resources to fight the problem.

Extremists like white nationalists and neo-nazis are certainly worthy of falling under a similar classification as ISIS. Right-wing extremist violence has accounted for the majority of political violence, both in frequency and deadliness, for the past few years. Having the FBI dedicate resources to these kinds of groups will hopefully make us safer.

But, can we really count on the government not to throw other political adversaries into these sorts of classifications, either? Those who marched on Richmond in protest against overbearing Second Amendment regulations weren’t violent at all, but you may not think that given how Liberals talk about them.

As long as there are strict guidelines in place for defining these terrorist organizations, we can still count on the FBI to protect us all.

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