Florida Democrats Set to Lose Upcoming Elections

Florida Democrats are not having the best time as of late. They went from maintaining a significant voter registration advantage over Republicans to now being far behind the number of registered GOP voters.

On top of that, the Florida state legislature and governor’s mansion remain squarely dominated by the GOP.

Recently, the Florida Democratic Party chose Charlie Crist to challenge Gov. Ron DeSantis in the state’s gubernatorial election. Meanwhile, Val Demings was selected to challenge Sen. Marco Rubio.

Despite all of Democrats’ tough talk about ousting Florida Republicans from power, a new poll by a left-wing source shows that it’s not very likely to happen, per Breitbart News.

A Reality Check For Florida Democrats

A fresh poll from Progress Florida shows DeSantis leading Crist by three points. Meanwhile, Rubio is ahead of Demings by one point.

This poll tracks well with the reality that Republicans in Florida outnumber Democrats to the tune of over 200,000. Furthermore, Progress Florida has been forced to concede that the state is more favorable to Republicans than it is to Democrats.

Crist recently dug himself into a hole when he claimed to not even want the votes of DeSantis supporters in Florida. The Democrat went even further, claiming that Floridians who back DeSantis are living with hatred in their hearts.

Given the demographics in Florida, Crist will likely get his wish as Floridians opt to reelect DeSantis, rather than someone who openly has disdain for DeSantis supporters and would undo his policies.

What Florida Democrats Are Missing

Crist, Demings, and other Florida Democrats don’t hesitate to emote their interests in bringing left-wing policies to the state.

However, this is a losing strategy because many new Floridian residents moved to the state as a means of escaping policies seen in leftist states.

Therefore, for Florida Democrats to say they’d bring back what many people moved to Florida to escape doesn’t bode well. Florida Republicans, on the other hand, have been pointing out the very real dangers that will come if Democrats get their way.

In the case of Crist specifically, it certainly isn’t doing him any favors to have California Gov. Gavin Newsom coming out of the woodwork to endorse him. Newsom is not a loved or popular figure in Florida by any means.

Ironically, at least some of Florida’s new residents are former Californians who fled the state because of Newsom’s failed leadership. Come November, Florida Democrats are going to be in for some very disappointing results.

What do you think about this new left-wing poll that shows Florida Democrats losing to their GOP counterparts? In the comments area, let us know if you think Democrats in Florida will get the message that most voters aren’t wanting left-wing politics in the state.