Florida Governor Weighs in on 2024 Speculations

Right now, there’s a lot of talk and speculation surrounding Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis and the 2024 presidential election. 

There is talk about DeSantis himself making a run for president during the next election cycle. Strong support for a DeSantis 2024 candidacy already exists amongst conservatives who long to see the Florida governor’s leadership taken to the national level. 

Then, there are other conservatives who would like to see DeSantis join Trump as a running mate in the 2024 presidential election. Republicans in support of this believe that a Trump-DeSantis 2024 presidential election would be a sure victory. 

On Sunday, the GOP governor of Florida spoke out about some of the speculations regarding his involvement in the 2024 presidential election, as Newsmax confirms. 

DeSantis on the 2024 Presidential Election

Yesterday, the Florida governor spoke with Fox News about a series of matters. However, host Maria Bartiromo specifically asked DeSantis about whether or not he plans to join former President Trump (or another possible candidate) as a running mate in 2024. 

The Republican governor of Florida explained that thus far, no discussions extending beyond his current work in the Sunshine State have taken place. DeSantis then made a point of noting that taking matters “one day at a time” is his focus, especially with all that is going on with Florida. 

In additional statements, DeSantis told Fox News that achievements for Floridians is where his focus lies. The Florida governor made very clear that seeing these achievements through will entail “going on offense” and ensuring that things move ahead. 

Former President Trump, however, has said that should he run for office in 2024, he’ll consider the Florida governor as a running mate. 

The Latest Work from the Florida Governor 

To say that Governor DeSantis has been very busy would be quite an understatement. The Florida governor has criticized both the failures of the Biden administration and the growing threat of big tech. 

Recently, DeSantis also signed legislation to bar big tech from censoring residents of Florida. The Republican governor declared that despite Facebook’s on-paper status as a private company, Facebook is essentially acting as an extension of the government by blacklisting what the government wants blacklisted. 

The anti-censorship bill is far from the only piece of legislation signed by Governor DeSantis. Earlier this year, the Florida governor signed a bill barring the state government and Florida businesses from implementing vaccine passports or proof of vaccination.

DeSantis made very clear that vaccine passports are not tools that will be accepted or tolerated in the Sunshine State. 

What do you think about the Florida governor’s remarks on the 2024 presidential election? Do you think DeSantis should join a Trump ticket as a running mate or seek the presidency himself in 2024? Sound off with your views in the comments section below.