Florida Republican Voters Now Outnumber Florida Democrat Voters

For quite some, the state of Florida has been regarded as a purple, swing state. Former President Trump won Florida in both 2016 and 2020; however, Democrats have had a voter registration advantage over Republicans for quite some time.

However, the events over the past 18 months seem to have changed that. Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership in Florida has turned the state into an oasis of freedom and a beacon of hope for Americans.

Studies and statistics show thousands of individuals each day are moving to the Sunshine State. As more Americans move to Florida, the Democrats’ voter registration advantage over Republicans got smaller and smaller.

Now, Florida Republicans have reached a new milestone. At this time, there are presently more registered Republicans in Florida than registered Democrats, as documented by Newsmax.

A Full-fledged Red State

With more Republicans than Democrats, Florida has officially flipped from purple to red. While sharing remarks at the National Conference of State Legislatures, DeSantis shared this revelation, much to the great delight of conservatives across the country.

The Florida governor noted during the start of his term, Florida Democrats outnumbered their GOP counterparts by roughly 280K. However, since DeSantis’ time as governor, Republicans have now overtaken Democrats in the number of registered voters.

This win for the Republican Party in Florida also comes after Republicans managed to take back control of Virginia’s government just earlier this week. It furthermore arrives as conservatives vow a red wave is going to sweep America in one year from now when the midterms play out.

Bad News for Florida Democrats

Democrats in the state of Florida are fuming over Governor DeSantis and the state becoming increasingly more red. It is for this reason Florida Democrats like Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried are challenging DeSantis in Florida’s upcoming gubernatorial election.

However, the people of Florida have spoken. The state has officially flipped from red to purple; moreover, the reality that more Republican voters are in Florida than Democrat voters doesn’t bode well for the leftist candidates looking to unseat DeSantis.

Americans nationwide have gotten a taste of what leadership looks like when Democrats are calling the shots. It leads to one disaster after the next, with Democrats refusing to fix the messes they made.

Many voters are now deciding Republican leaders are more equipped to handle leading the nation. Recent polls have also shown that voters give Republicans higher marks than Democrats on handling border security, national security, the economy, and more.

Leftist leadership is clearly not working. Instead of Democrats blindly attacking the GOP as racist, Democrats should pay attention and ask themselves why more Americans are siding with Republicans these days.

What do you think about Republicans officially flipping Florida into a red state? We want to know your thoughts below in the comments area.