Florida Restaurant Owner Tells Biden Supporters to Take a Hike

The reality of Americans trapped inside an Afghanistan now ruled by terrorists doesn’t sit very well with many people. Biden views this as nothing less than a success; although, even some of the president’s own White House staffers have broken with him on this matter.

One Gold Star mom recently called out Biden and his supporters. She declared that the way Biden went about pulling out from Afghanistan led to the death of her son and other Marines. Other family members of fallen heroes said Biden displayed no emotion when speaking with them and repeatedly tried to steer the conversation in a different direction.

Americans abandoned in Afghanistan also crosses the line for one restaurant owner in the state of Florida. This restaurant owner, therefore, made it known that she doesn’t want the business of anyone still backing the Biden administration, as Townhall confirms.

Biden Supporters Not Welcome

DeBary Diner owner Angie Ugarte, like many other Americans, is not pleased with the situation in Afghanistan where our citizens are stranded. As such, the owner of the Orlando-based restaurant has a crystal clear message for anyone considering patroning her business.

Ugarte posted a front door sign declaring that anyone who helped vote Biden into office and now continues to back his presidency should eat elsewhere. The DeBary Diner owner furthermore noted that Biden’s administration has a complicit role in the American servicemembers who died late last month.

In an interview with an Orlando news channel, Ugarte explained that she’s received quite a bit of support since putting this sign on her front door. The DeBary Diner owner furthermore noted that many of her regular customers are veterans who have served the United States.

The Broken Promises President

Months back, Biden made a commitment to safely get any Americans and U.S. allies who wanted to leave Afghanistan out of the nation. Biden broke this promise. He also said that getting people out would occur in an orderly fashion; yet again, Biden broke this commitment.

There is an endless list of promises that Biden has broken since his time as president. When he ran for office during the 2020 presidential election, Biden also said he’d bring Americans together.

Biden as president has yet to do this. Instead, he’s cost servicemembers their lives and continued to divide people. Members of Biden’s own White House administration are not pleased with him. Another tragedy is that all these issues are happening fewer than eight whole months into Biden’s presidency.

What do you think about the DeBary Diner owner telling Biden supporters to take a hike and go eat elsewhere? Do you think more establishments in Republican states will adopt similar policies? Let us know below in the comments section.