Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Slams Biden’s Agenda

At this point, Americans are very well aware of the agenda Biden is calling “Build Back Better.” The nation’s populace is also aware of the various studies showing the president’s plan will increase taxes, hurt the middle class, and crash the economy.

To this very day, the White House is still lying about Biden’s plan. They’re still trying to make the public believe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda won’t cost trillions of dollars.

The Biden administration also wants the country to believe its IRS surveillance proposal won’t allow the IRS to monitor individuals’ bank accounts. Newsflash: it will.

Many Americans have grown sick of the lies coming from this president and his administration, including Republican lawmakers serving in Congress. As Townhall reports, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio ripped into Biden’s agenda.

Sen. Rubio on Biden’s Agenda

In a video spanning nearly eight minutes, the GOP lawmaker stated Biden’s agenda isn’t about Building Back Better, but rather it’s about Building Back Socialist. Rubio explained the legislation Democrats are trying to pass now essentially codifies socialism into federal law.

Rubio stated if Republicans aren’t able to stop the Biden agenda from passing, then America will suffer grave harm. The Florida lawmaker then explained how this legislation will worsen debt, fuel inflation, and further incentivize illegal immigration.

Rubio also noted the current agenda Democrats are pushing on Biden’s request isn’t what Biden ran on. During the 2020 presidential election, Biden presented himself as a moderate Democrat.

However, since getting into office, Biden’s moved to the hard left and began governing accordingly. Rubio explained this is due to the fact that radical leftists now dominate the Democrat Party.

Before signing off, Rubio explained Biden’s Build Back Better agenda won’t fix anything, but instead bring chaos and trauma to the United States, if the agenda is not defeated.

Stop Biden, Save America

Saving America from being twisted into a socialist regime is vital. In order for this to happen, Biden must be stopped. This means his agenda cannot be allowed to pass into law.

It also means Republicans need to be elected into office at every level of government. This means the city, state, and federal levels, especially the 2022 midterms.

With Biden in the White House until 2024, the GOP needs to be in the best and strongest position to push back against this president and his dangerous agenda at every turn.

It’s for reasons like this why the nation is watching the Virginia gubernatorial race. It’s so why so much emphasis is being placed on the 2022 midterms happening in just about one year at this point.

Do you believe President Biden and Democrats are trying to codify socialism into law? We’d love to read your views in the comments section below.