Foreign Affairs: How Our Current Administration Compares to Those Past

Foreign Affairs: How Our Current Administration Compares to Those Past

Foreign policy has been at the forefront of every presidential term since way before Teddy Roosevelt took office. While our president faces opposition in the White House, he’s unrattled by the threat of impeachment under the scrutiny of the House of Representatives and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The president still has a job to do in spite of vicious and relentless attacks by Dems.

Trump still meets with world leaders and pushes ahead with improving relationships to keep trade deals flowing.

The Wisdom of Roosevelt

A famous West African proverb, quoted by President T. Roosevelt was “Speak softly but carry a big stick; you will go far.” He used that has a reference for dealing with diplomats and foreign leaders who may have unstable governments. In a nutshell, speak kindly of people, be cooperative, but never let them have the upper hand.

Trump deals with his foreign affairs in some ways like President Roosevelt once did. He has come a long way in meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and advanced relationships with Putin and other Russian dignitaries. Dems see this as a threat to national security, but Republicans see it as a victory in foreign affairs and international relations.

The Democrats are doing everything to deflect from the president’s positive foreign relations by spearheading the impeachment inquiry to say he was using Zelensky to get dirt on Hunter Biden. While he’s verbally heard saying “no quid pro quo,” Trump is still being blamed for withholding aid and seeking some sort of political gain out of the deal.

The Benefits of Improved International Relations

Unless you’re a Democrat, there’s no denying that boosting relationship ties with nations like Russia and Ukraine significantly helps the US.

Open and peaceful relations with other countries opens up doors for positive business dealings and military aid moving forward. This helps to boost global economic output and is a win-win for everyone, especially hard-working Americans.

Our president is no wimp or pushover. He was elected based on his ability and desire to pull no punches with foreign adversaries. But one thing Trump always has on his daily agenda is a call or in-person conversation with a foreign dignitary. He’s laying the groundwork for future dealings and to gain an understanding of how his allies and enemies operate.

President Trump has been noted as making important decisions regarding overseas dealings without consulting his top cabinet advisors. In the president’s defense, change doesn’t happen overnight. It may take years to improve trade deals, imports and financial resolutions. Nevertheless, Trump, unlike his Obama-era predecessors, wants to keep the doors of communication open with global entities rather than closed.

The issue of foreign affairs is marked as a priority at the top of the president’s ongoing schedule. Solid relationships and good communication make our country stronger here and abroad. It’s obvious that he’s doing a fantastic job!

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