Former First Lady Has an Important Message for Americans

Many Americans are missing the Trump administration. When Trump was in the White House, wages and jobs weren’t being destroyed by inflation. Likewise, the 45th president would have never killed U.S. energy independence or abandoned American citizens to be massacred by the Taliban.

Likewise, Trump would have known better than to take a sledgehammer to the U.S. economy by implementing unlawful COVID vaccine mandates. Unlike Biden, Trump also had the foresight to get our southern border under control.

The current administration is a stark contrast to the effective leadership under the previous president. However, in an interesting turn of events, former first lady Melania Trump has a message for the American public, per Breitbart News.

An Important Speech from Melania Trump

Very recently, the former first lady spoke at a gala for the Log Cabin Republicans. The theme of Trump’s speech centered around the reality that in the United States, the futures of Americans are not predestined.

In a key segment of the former first lady’s remarks, she spoke of former President Abraham Lincoln. Trump noted that Lincoln didn’t come from money or privilege; however, this did not hinder him from achieving and making history in America.

Later, Trump talked about the importance of the quality of values instilled in the young people of the country. The former first lady declared children need to be taught bravery, kindness, and hard work.

Another theme of Trump’s speech centered around adversity and how people can use adversity as a stepping stone to bettering themselves. In the long run, this leads to individuals coming out of challenges on the other side and stronger than ever.

A Stark Contrast to Leftist Values

Melania Trump’s speech was remarkable, yet it also serves as a significantly stark contrast to the viewpoints of the political left.

Democrats constantly preach that minorities in the United States are destined to suffer from oppression, racism, and other monstrous plights. The left also encourages victimhood, telling entire demographics of people that the game is rigged against them before they even begin.

These are falsehoods and they don’t do anyone any good, especially in America. The message from the former first lady is one that needs to be spread as far and wide as possible.

Despite all that’s happening in America today, it’s still necessary for individuals to know they determine their own fate and chart their own course. It’s impossible to win the game if you aren’t even willing to step in the ring.

Do you agree with former first lady Melania Trump? What do you think about the points she made regarding the power of individuals to chart their own course? We’d appreciate your feedback in the comments section below.