Former Trump Aides Look to Stop Him from Running in 2024

At this point in time, there seems to be a very strong possibility that former President Trump will make another run for the White House during the 2024 election. Sources close to the 45th president have stated he’s going to go for another tenure in the White House.

Trump, himself, openly flirted with the possibility and strongly indicated that he plans to make another run. On multiple occasions, the former president has declared his base will be very pleased when he announces whether or not he’s going to run for office.

With that being said, all reports indicate that should Trump determine to run again, he’ll wait until after the November midterms are done before he makes the announcement.

However, not everyone is thrilled at the prospect of Trump launching a third presidential campaign. In fact, Newsmax reports that some former aides of the 45th president are gathering to figure out how to prevent him from making another run for the White House.

Why Don’t Some Ex-Trump Aides Want Him to Run in 2024?

Apparently, the former presidential aides who will be meeting to block a Trump 2024 presidential run include Stephanie Grisham, Sarah Tinsley, Anthony Scaramucci, Olivia Troye, and others.

The meeting in question will reportedly center around “formal” measures they can take to stop the former president in 2024. According to Grisham, these ex-Trump aides believe another run by Trump will engender division, extremism, and further tensions across the United States.

Grisham likewise noted her interest in going across the United States and talking with Americans who are Trump supporters as she used to be.

Former President Trump has not publicly weighed in on the news that multiple of his former staffers are gathering in an attempt to sabotage his likely plans to make another White House bid.

There is a possibility the former president could weigh in on the matter later this year or not at all.

What Does Trump’s Base Want?

Right now, the base of Trump supporters is very much in favor of him making another run for the White House in 2024.

Many Americans who support the 45th president hold the view that he was ultimately robbed and cheated of his rightful victory during the 2020 presidential election.

For individuals with this outlook, 2024 is very much viewed as an opportunity for Trump to right this wrong and get back into the Oval Office. Trump supporters also largely miss the successful policies that came along with his presidency.

These are policies that have unfortunately been reversed by Joe Biden. America is all the worse off for it, too. As things currently stand, Biden’s been under pressure from Republicans to reinstate Trump-era policies, especially those regarding immigration.

Do you think ex-Trump staffers will be successful in stopping Trump from running for president in 2024? Let us know in the comments feed how you think this will play out.