Fox News Facing the Aftermath of Firing Tucker Carlson

Back on Monday, much of the country was stunned to learn about the firing of Tucker Carlson from Fox News. Carlson was booted in a very unexpected manner; it’s something that the public did not see coming whatsoever.

Now, there are all sorts of theories emerging as to why Carlson was fired. Some people believe Rupert Murdoch took issue with his latest speech for the Heritage Foundation.

Others believe the sacking was due to the $787 million settlement that Fox News agreed to pay Dominion over claims about the 2020 election. Additional theories assert that Murdoch wants to go back to Fox News being more establishment, rather than populist.

In any event, in the aftermath of Carlson’s firing, Fox News stock is taking some hits, according to the Gateway Pundit.

The Aftermath

Since sacking Carlson, Fox News’ stock value has dipped by at least 3%. There is the possibility of it dipping even further, as many viewers of the network aren’t happy with this latest decision.

On social media, many fans of Carlson said they cancelled their paid subscriptions with Fox Nation as a means of protesting the decision. On top of the 3% decline for Fox News, the network’s parent company also observed a 5% dip in its own stock.

3% and 5% may not sound like much on their own; however, the valuation of these individual dips hovers around $1 billion.

What’s Fox’s Gameplan?

Right now, it appears that Fox News is biding its time and simply waiting for the backlash over booting Carlson to blow over. So far, the nightly slot occupied by Carlson is being replaced by a rotation of other anchors who are presently with the network.

It remains to be seen what the next several weeks and months look like for Fox News. Though in the meantime, fans of Tucker Carlson are very much looking forward to what comes next for him.