Fox News Moves to Distance From “National Divorce” Talk

No one can deny that America is very divided right now. Much of the division is political, with the right and the left failing to see eye to eye on issues like guns, immigration, social affairs, etc.

The reactions to COVID really fueled and worsened divides in this country. Pitting people against one another on the basis of face masks and vaccines didn’t do anyone any favors.

Now, the indictment and arraignment of former President Trump is yet another hot-button issue that’s impacting American politics and discourse.

One guest of the Tucker Carlson Show weighed in on all of this, leading to a very telling response from Fox News, according to the Gateway Pundit.

Jason Whitlock Weighs In

Whitlock told Carlson that he’s “hardcore MAGA” in the wake of Trump’s legal challenges. He also expressed support for a national divorce that would see red states and blue states divided into two separate countries, citing the acts of Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg.

However, amid Whitlock’s endorsement of a national divorce, Fox News opted to move to a commercial break. This made it clear to most viewers that the network doesn’t feel comfortable airing content about America seceding and ceasing to be the United States.

The commercial break that Fox News moved to lasted for five minutes, well before Whitlock’s segment on Carlson’s show would have ended.

What Do Most Americans Think?

Polling shows that the majority of people across the country actually don’t support a national divorce. This is true for most Republicans, Independents, and even most Democrats.

Critics of a national divorce have said that this country being the United States is an essential part of who we are. Other people who oppose Whitlock’s view have accused national divorce advocates of being unpatriotic or putting political agendas ahead of the country’s best interests.