Fox News Urged to Fire Chris Wallace

"Interview with Chris Wallace" (CC BY 2.0) by MDGovpics

As of late, American media has come under scrutiny. Many people across the nation have concerns about the honesty of the media and the manners in which news is reported. 

The differences in ways that President Trump and President Biden are covered are just one example. During the Trump presidency, the media relentlessly hounded Trump, took his remarks out of context, and overall sought to discredit the then-president. 

“Fox News in Boston” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by mroach

With President Biden, the reverse is true. Media outlets consistently fall over themselves to deify the Biden administration and pretend as if the current president can do no wrong. 

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace tends to attract scrutiny. Despite working for a right-leaning news network, Wallace tends to side with Democrats and has praised President Biden on numerous occasions. Yesterday, former President Trump questioned why Fox News has not given Wallace the boot, as Newsmax reports. 

Trump on Fox News and Chris Wallace

In a press release on Monday, the former president stated that Fox News shouldn’t continue to keep Wallace on their payroll.

Trump made note of Wallace’s blatant favoritism towards Biden during the 2020 presidential debate. Then, after describing the Fox News host as “almost radical left,” Trump declared that Wallace doesn’t have the “qualities” of someone who typically works for Fox News. 

The former president’s remarks about Wallace come after critical statements from the latter. Days ago, Wallace went after Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin for opposing the left’s radical elections bill; Wallace also directly stated that Manchin’s failure to support For the People Act gives leeway for Republicans to be “obstructionists.” 

The reality here is that Chris Wallace attacks Republicans far more than Democrats. He lauds the left far more than he lauds the right. Former President Trump is far from the only person to make note of this. 

No Word from Fox News

Trump’s Monday press release brings up some interesting points; however, there is no word from Fox News. At this time, the network has made no indication of any plans whatsoever to fire Chris Wallace. 

There’s no doubt that most Fox News hosts lean right; Tomi Lahren, Tucker Carlson, and Judge Jeanine Pirro are great examples. However, certain networks have been known to make hires that do not lean in the same partisan direction as most of their hosts. 

Typically, this is done as a form of representation of the other side, or for the purposes of remaining “balanced.” Therefore, it’s highly likely that this is why Fox News hired and continues to retain Wallace as an news anchor. 

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