“Free” Distributions of Coronavirus Vaccine in the Works

"Louisiana National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

At this time, it appears as though a coronavirus vaccine will be available to the American people within a matter of weeks.

President Trump has announced that “Operation Warp Speed” is working overtime for the safe and fast production of a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccination, of course, has become politicized with 2020 Democrat Joe Biden claiming that Trump seeks to rush a vaccine in order to win this year’s election.

According to Fox News, the federal government is working on “free” distributions of the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Despite this work, many Americans still have concerns about the efficacy, rushed timeline, and potential adverse side effects associated with this vaccination.

Reviewing the Distribution Plan for a Coronavirus Vaccine

National health groups along with the U.S. Department of Defense are working on a plan that would ensure all Americans can access the COVID-19 vaccine “free of charge.”

The plan currently in the works is set to begin as early as January 2021 with healthcare workers, at-risk individuals, and essential workers first in line to get the vaccine. Later, the COVID-19 vaccination would become freely available to other individuals who are interested in getting it.

It’s also important to note that individuals who get the coronavirus vaccine will be expected to get two shots to maximize effectiveness. The second shot will reportedly need to arrive between 21 to 28 days of the initial injection.

Will Americans Really Get the COVID-19 Vaccination?

Significant minorities of Americans ranging between 20% to 33% have expressed unwillingness or apprehension about getting a vaccine for coronavirus. Some even questioned why they should receive a vaccine for a virus that is more than 99% livable.

President Trump himself acknowledged that not all Americans will want the coronavirus vaccine; however, this has not stopped the state of Virginia from announcing plans to mandate the vaccination.

Conversations have come up about whether or not it’s constitutional to demand the general public to be vaccinated. Many Americans believe that it’s not; meanwhile, doctors and others in the healthcare community haven’t hesitated to claim that individuals who don’t get the coronavirus vaccine should be punished or barred from participating in society.

Some folks have also warned that face mask mandates are a prerequisite to coronavirus vaccine mandates.

What do you think about the planned “free” distribution of the COVID-19 vaccination? Will you be comfortable with getting this vaccine (twice) when it becomes available? Enlighten us down below in the comments section.