George Santos Dodging Criticism Amid Lying Scandal

In New York, Republican George Santos ran on a series of claims that alleged he was gay, Jewish, had a rich educational background, and more.

Though since being elected to serve in the House of Representatives, it’s been revealed that Santos lied about his ties to Judaism, his education, and more.

The magnitude of falsehoods told by Santos has naturally engendered widespread criticism. Currently, it is the view of many Americans that the congressman-elect should not be allowed to serve.

People have also opined that had voters not been fooled by the lies Santos told, he likely wouldn’t have gotten elected in the first place. As the backlash transpires, Santos is doing what he can to dodge criticism and verbalizing his readiness to serve in the House, per Yahoo News.

Trouble Ahead for Santos?

During a recent Fox News interview, Santos declared his readiness to “move forward” and stated he acknowledged “mistakes” he’s made. Furthermore, the New York Republican alleged despite his lies, he’s not a “fake” or a “fraud” and doesn’t intend to step down from office.

The lies that Santos is in the hot seat for telling in order to get elected include the following:

  • His work history for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs
  • His attendance at Baruch College
  • His mother’s work in finance
  • His mother’s passing being linked to 9/11
  • His claims to have run a charity
  • His ancestral ties to Judaism

There are also reports that Santos is now under investigation for alleged fraud in Brazil. Questions about believed discrepancies in Santos’ claims to be gay and married have also come up.

Backlash Against the GOP

The plethora of lies told by Santos has created fodder for Democrats to use against the GOP. Many on the left are now claiming that Santos’ deceit is indicative of where the Republican Party stands today.

Democrats are also now rallying behind legislation that is designed to prevent other political candidates from being able to lie their way into elected office as Santos did.

Likewise, Democrats are attacking Republicans like House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy for not taking action against Santos, amid his lying scandal.

The New York Republican has stated he won’t run for re-election. However, one could argue that the damage of his untrue claims during the campaign cycle has already been done.

Because of the massive mistruths from Santos, there are now questions about whether or not he can be trusted to live up to the political record he campaigned on.

What do you think about the scandal that George Santos is facing over his lies to get elected, along with the various investigations into his conduct in Brazil? You’re welcome to share your feedback in the comments area.