George Santos Now Under Fire For Possible Links to Russia

GOP Rep. George Santos has largely dug himself into a hole. By getting into office on a series of lies about his ancestry, education, family, and more, Santos remains discredited.

He’s facing calls from both sides of the aisle to step down from office. In the press, Santos is also now publicly known as a liar who swindled New Yorkers in his district to get their votes.

Even if Santos does manage to ride out his first term, his likelihood of maintaining a political career is slim to none. On top of that, more negative details about Santos’ past, connections, and problems continue to emerge.

According to the New York Post, the latest issues pertain to the congressman’s believed connection to a Russian elite.

It Gets Worse For Santos

Not only did the New York Republican tell lie after lie on his way into office, but the methods by which he financed his campaign are now under legal scrutiny as well.

Federal authorities, along with the House Ethics Committee, are digging into Santos’ campaign financing. As it turns out, Andrew Intrater, the cousin of sanctioned Russian energy investor Viktor Vekselberg, supplied thousands to a business with ties to Santos.

Intrater’s generosity also included giving directly to Santos’ campaign. Now, it is not likely that Vekselberg’s cousin simply gave the then-GOP candidate all these funds out of the kindness of his heart.

Instead, there’s a real possibility that these funds came with contingencies, especially ones that would go into effect if Santos won his election.

What these contingencies may be are currently a mystery. However, this new development is undoubtedly going to be taken into account by the officials who are now digging into Santos’ campaign financing.

Intrater, on his own, is also a shady individual who’s been tied to tax evasion and additional financial crimes.

A National Security Concern?

If Santos did, in fact, get funding from Intrater with certain terms and conditions, this could potentially threaten America’s national security. It begs to question if how Santos votes is impacted by the money he received, along with potential promises he made to the Russians.

This is yet another scandal that will undoubtedly be used as cannon fodder against Republicans by Democrats. The reality is that one issue after the next continues to emerge with Santos.

At the rate things are going, it is likely just a matter of time before more details are revealed concerning Santos’ slippery past and connections.

Do you think Rep. George Santos is bought and paid for by Russian elites? What contingencies do you suspect were agreed upon for him to receive thousands from the cousin of a big-time Russian energy investor?

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