Georgia GOP Governor Leading Primary Challenger

In the state of Georgia, the governor’s race for this year is getting more heated as time passes.

Right now, the state is still in the primary process. This means that the Georgia Republican Party and the Georgia Democrat Party get to select who they want to carry the party’s nomination, heading into the general election.

Thus far, GOP Governor Brian Kemp is battling it out with former GOP Sen. David Perdue. If Perdue has his way, Kemp will be ousted from the GOP primary, leaving Perdue to face Abrams in the general election.

However, whether or not Kemp or Perdue makes it past the primaries will be determined in time. Thus far, a new poll out of Georgia shows the incumbent governor ahead of Perdue, per Breitbart News.

The Latest Georgia 2022 Gubernatorial Poll

According to Trafalgar Group, Governor Kemp has the support of 49.1% of Georgia Republicans. Meanwhile, Perdue comes in with just 39.5% support. The pollster likewise revealed 7.7% of Georgia GOP voters haven’t yet made up their minds.

Governor Kemp has been clear that he believes he has a solid record to win on, along with the ability to defeat Georgia Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams for a second time in a row.

Meanwhile, Perdue’s argument alleges that Kemp hasn’t properly stood up for the state of Georgia. The former senator likewise has the endorsement of former President Trump as he works to oust Kemp.

As the incumbent candidate, Kemp naturally has at least a mild advantage in his work to maintain the GOP’s nomination heading into the state’s general election.

The True Test for Georgia

After the primary election ends, whether Kemp or Perdue secures the nomination, the true test will arrive in the state’s general race.

Following the 2020 presidential election and the 2021 runoffs, the 2022 gubernatorial race will either convey that Georgia still has some conservative roots left…or it will indicate the state has turned fully blue.

Georgia Democrats are already fully on board with Stacey Abrams and eager for her to take the state’s governor’s mansion.

If Georgia Republicans want to keep the state’s governor’s mansion under a Republican, they’ll need to unite behind whoever wins the primary, whether it’s Kemp or Perdue.

Any sort of GOP infighting or division after the state’s Republican primary election will only serve to play right into the hands of the Democrats. In real time, the eyes of many Americans are on Georgia.

What do you think about the newest poll showing that Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is ahead of former Sen. David Perdue? Do you think Kemp or Perdue will ultimately walk away with the GOP nomination? Please let us get your insight on this riveting governor’s race in the comments section.