Georgia Governor Candidate David Perdue Sits Down for Newsmax Interview

In the state of Georgia, one of the most heated governor’s races is currently underway.

With Democrat Stacey Abrams running in the Democratic primary unopposed, Republican Gov. Brian Kemp is being challenged in the GOP primary by a former ally and former Sen. David Perdue.

Since entering Georgia’s gubernatorial race this year, Perdue claims that Kemp has not done well and has enabled a series of problems in the state.

Meanwhile, Perdue also has the backing and endorsement of former President Trump behind him. Recently, the former senator sat down for an interview with Newsmax.

Perdue discussed not only his gubernatorial campaign, but also why he thinks Kemp is unfit to hold onto the GOP nomination this year.

David Perdue on His Run to Be Georgia’s Next Governor

The Georgia GOP candidate mentioned that much of the illegal immigration happening in America today is impacting his state.

According to Perdue, illegal immigrants are making their way into Georgia and GOP Gov. Kemp is to blame. Perdue stated that by Kemp “[caving] into” Abrams on the matter of elections, this handed Georgia’s Senate seats over to the Democrats.

Later, Perdue said Kemp has fallen short on the matter of gangs in Georgia, election laws, and upholding the law in general.

Likewise, the former GOP senator said if he becomes governor, he’ll ensure Georgia has strong election laws, in addition to bringing down taxes, increasing parents’ involvement in their children’s education, and more.

Who Will Win the Georgia GOP Nomination?

At this time, there are still several more weeks left before Georgia Republicans decide whether or not Gov. Kemp or David Perdue is the party’s nominee.

At this time, Kemp has a slight lead over Perdue amongst Georgia Republicans. This comes notwithstanding Trump’s endorsement of Perdue and his frequent claims that Kemp is a RINO who should not be in office any longer.

In a poll matchup that puts Kemp vs. Abrams and Perdue vs. Abrams, both Republicans end up beating the Georgia Democrat. However, when viewing the margins in these matchups, Kemp’s lead over Abrams is slightly higher than Perdue’s lead.

The Georgia governor’s race is sure to be watched nationwide. It will also determine whether or not Georgia goes fully blue, seeing as the state’s Senate seats went to Democrats last year.

At the end of the day, time will tell whether or not Perdue or Kemp wins the nomination. Time is also going to tell whether or not the GOP nominee in Georgia can defeat Abrams and keep the governor’s mansion in the hands of Republicans.

What do you think about David Perdue’s latest interview with Newsmax? Do you think he will become the next governor of Georgia? In the comments area, please be sure to let us know.