Georgia Governor Pushes Back Against Attacks on Family

"Opening Netherlands CG Atlanta" (CC BY 2.0) by nlintheusa

For the past several weeks, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican, has taken a lot of heat.

Much of the criticism has come from conservatives who are displeased with the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Governor Kemp regularly faces calls to hold a special session as a means of stopping voter fraud; however, the Georgia GOP governor maintains that state and federal laws prohibit him from acting to overturn election results.

“Prayer” (CC BY 2.0) by Georgia National Guard

The problem, though, is that many Americans believe that Biden’s “win” in Georgia is not a legitimate one. There are too many reports and allegations of fraud to cite; hence, a fair amount of conservatives believe that Kemp has been derelict in his duty to stop fraud and ensure fair elections in Georgia.

Some people have therefore resorted to going after Kemp’s family and vocalizing their thoughts about the death of Harrison Deal, a Kelly Loeffler staffer who was also in a relationship with Kemp’s daughter. Washington Examiner confirms that the Georgia governor is now pushing back against these attacks.

The Response from Georgia’s Republican Governor

On Thursday, Kemp spoke out against the “misinformation” he says is being spread around.

The Georgia governor furthermore denied assertions that he is somehow tied to Chinese bribes; Kemp then spoke out against the death threats that he and his family have received, along with nasty messages being sent to his daughter, Lucy, over the death of her boyfriend Harrison Deal.

Kemp declared that if anyone “has an issue with something [he’s] done,” they should personally take that up with him and leave his family alone. The Republican also made a point of noting that unproven conspiracies regarding Deal’s passing are only hurting both the Deal and Kemp families.

Finally, Kemp reassured that he is capable of handling himself after calling for his critics to “come see [him]” while leaving his relatives and other families alone.

Georgia’s Special Elections

Right now, two very important special elections are underway in Georgia. Kemp has more than vocalized his support for Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler, urging Georgians to re-elect them.

Not only has the Georgia GOP governor endorsed both Republican senators, but he’s also campaigned alongside them. Like other conservatives, Kemp is adamant that victories for Perdue and Loeffler will save America from regressing into a dystopian, socialist nation.

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