Georgia Republicans Trade Blows in State’s Gubernatorial Election

In Georgia, Republican Governor Brian Kemp is up for re-election. Although, in the state’s primary, he’s also currently facing a challenge from former GOP Sen. David Perdue.

Perdue, with the strong endorsement of Trump, is running to oust Kemp in the state’s primary and then face Democrat Stacey Abrams in the Georgia general election for governor.

The former senator argues that Kemp hasn’t delivered for the people of Georgia.

Likewise, Perdue says that if he’s elected as governor, he’ll end the state income tax, get parents back involved with their children’s education, and otherwise make life better for Georgians.

Kemp, meanwhile, is eager to ensure that he wins the nomination, as opposed to being ousted by Perdue in the GOP primary. This explains the Georgia governor’s latest slam against Perdue, as documented by Fox News.

Kemp on Perdue’s Run for Georgia Governor

In his run to oust Kemp, Perdue is launching many criticisms against him. However, this time, the Georgia governor is hitting back.

In a new campaign ad, Kemp claims that his GOP opponent’s wealth is rooted in sending American jobs over to China. The anti-Perdue ad likewise says that Perdue isn’t truly for the people of Georgia, but rather just himself.

This new ad comes as Kemp’s re-election campaign recently dumped millions into an ad blitz. It’s also going to be distributed throughout the state of Georgia between now and the primary election in May.

Kemp, in addition to investing in campaign ads, is also touring around the state of Georgia. The Republican governor is also making sure to put his record on full display, including his recent suspension of the Georgia gas tax.

Polling From the Georgia Governor’s Race

At this time, polls out of Georgia show that Stacey Abrams, in a general election, would lose to both Brian Kemp and David Perdue.

However, when the polls are broken down into who would beat Abrams by a larger margin, Kemp is the one who takes the lead.

Perdue, meanwhile, is portraying Kemp as not only a failed governor who’s let down the people of Georgia, but also as the typical career politician.

The former GOP senator also made the case that Kemp has failed to appropriately stand up against Abrams and Georgia Democrats in general.

The argument is being used as the basis for another claim that Kemp is, in part, to blame for the various destructive policies coming from the Biden administration at this time.

What do you think about the GOP infighting between Governor Brian Kemp and David Perdue at this time? Which Republican do you think will win the nomination in Georgia? We’re excited to read all about your thoughts in the comments area.