Georgia Runoff Democrat’s Praise of Marxism Comes Back to Haunt Him

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On Sunday, Georgia Democrat Raphael Warnock faced off against Republican Sen. Kelly Loeffler in a debate. During the debate, both Warnock and Loeffler traded blows over policy, COVID-19 relief, etc.

While on stage, Loeffler repeatedly slammed Warnock for his statements on the military, law enforcement officers, and his affinity for communist and Marxist leaders. The Georgia senator also asked Warnock if he could directly disavow socialism/communist and Marxism; to the surprise of very few, Warnock couldn’t make this disavowal.

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Following the Democrat’s debate against Loeffler, his history of praising Marxism is coming back to haunt him, according to Breitbart News.

What Warnock Really Thinks about Marxism

Just as Warnock wouldn’t denounce Marxism while debating Sen. Loeffler, he also hasn’t denounced it in the past; as a matter of fact, Warnock has authored books which laud and hail Marxism.

According to writing in his 2014 book, Warnock is of the belief that Marxism has a lot to teach “the black church.” In the same book, the Democrat now running for Senate also declared that “the maturation of black theology” is reliant upon Marxism; this came before Warnock declared Marxism as a heroic form of pushback against “racial and class oppression.”

This is hardly the full extent of Warnock’s ties to Marxism, though. Dr. James Cone, a man who championed Marxism and racially-charged language, served as a mentor to Warnock. Cone also provided Warnock with academic advice at the Union Theological Seminary.

Of course, all of these leanings and embraces of Marxism come on top of Warnock’s claims that police officers are “thugs” and “gangsters.” Compound this with Warnock calling for the country to “repent for its worship of whiteness” and claiming that no one can serve in the military while also serving God, and what Warnock stand for is quite clear.

A Choice to Make

On January 5, Georgia residents will have a chance to make. They can send GOP Sen. Kelly Loeffler back to Congress or they can elect a Marxist to the Senate.

Republicans across America are warning that Warnock’s Marxist views and radical policies are not fitting for Congress. Loeffler also consistently held the Georgia Democrat to task on the debate stage earlier this week.

Between policies, rhetorics, and visions for the nation, the contrast between Loeffler and Warnock couldn’t be more apparent.

What do you think of Raphael Warnock’s consistent embrace of Marxism? Do you think he should have a seat in Congress? Let us know in the comments section below!