Georgia’s David Perdue Unleashes on Gubernatorial Rivals Kemp, Abrams

In the Georgia 2022 gubernatorial election, things are quickly getting fascinating.

Republican candidates David Perdue and Brian Kemp, for starters, have been mudslinging at one another. Perdue, a former state senator, is looking to successfully primary incumbent GOP Governor Kemp.

Perdue maintains that Kemp’s leadership has been weak-kneed and an altogether failure. Meanwhile, the Georgia governor says he’s the best candidate up for the job of taking on Democrat governorship candidate Stacey Abrams.

Back in 2018, Kemp ran against Abrams and narrowly defeated her. The governor is confident he can do it again this year.

Recently, Abrams wound up in some hot water after posing maskless for an event with children who all wore face coverings.

This was especially problematic since Abrams has been a strong supporter of mask mandates, yet joined the ranks of Democrats being caught violating the very same edicts they expect others to follow.

In light of the Georgia Democrat’s slip-up, Perdue has put out an ad that sets both Abrams and Kemp on blast, as covered by Breitbart News.

Perdue’s Latest Message to the People of Georgia

In a short ad captioned “unmask our kids,” Perdue shows an image of Stacey Abrams sitting with masked-up children, while she herself goes without a mask.

The ad then reads the hypocrisy shown by Abrams is her ideal vision of Georgia and the reality which Governor Kemp “allowed.” Finally, the ad ends with another call to “umask our kids.”

The former senator turned gubernatorial candidate has also slammed Democrats for causing so much damage to young people while carrying out their own lives as usual.

Likewise, Perdue made the photo of Abrams in his ad the cover image for his campaign’s Twitter profile.

Kemp’s Criticism of Abrams

Like Perdue, Governor Kemp also criticized Abrams for advocating in favor of mask mandates while simultaneously going maskless herself in front of children forced to cover their faces.

The incumbent governor then slammed his gubernatorial rival for ditching the various mandates she’s supported during her “photo op” with Georgia’s children.

Thus far, Kemp has not released any attack ads against Perdue. However, in the wake of this controversy surrounding Abrams, the Georgia governor declared he has a track record of defeating her at the ballot box and will do so again.

Kemp likewise continues to stand against the various mandates that Democrats like Abrams have called for, yet later violated.

Just earlier this month, the Democrat governor of California landed in hot water for breaking his own mask mandate, as did the leftist mayors of Los Angeles and San Francisco.

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