Giuliani uncovers billions of dollars of Biden corruption in Ukraine


Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City and personal lawyer to President Trump has been running an investigation into Obama-era corruption in top US officials’ dealings in Ukraine. Giuliani has found that Joe Biden is complicit in stealing over $100 million from Ukraine with the help of local officials, particularly former Ukrainian president Poroshenko. The money was partly used to prop up Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Some of it went to other top Democrats.

Giuliani preparing federal court case

Giuliani has used sources in Ukraine among others. Some evidence of money laundering involving Biden came from Latvia’s state prosecutor. Around the time that Biden pressured the Ukrainian government to fire the prosecutor investigating the company on whose board his son Hunter sat, $14 million was spirited out of Ukraine to the benefit of top Democrats and their allies.

When the Ukrainian prosecutor found that the money stopped off in a cut-out company in Cyprus with Joe Biden’s son Hunter attached, he called the company but was told that the American Embassy prevented them from releasing any more information.

Giuliani has also found evidence that the 2010 mercury poisoning of then-Ukrainian presidential candidate Yushchenko took place with the involvement of Obama’s State Department.

Biden ran Ukraine for his family’s profit

More shockingly, former Ukrainian president Yanukovich was involved in laundering at least 7.5 billion dollars for the Democrats, starting around 2012. A couple of years later, Yanukovich was forced to choose a rescue package for the Ukrainian economy. The EU offer had a lot of conditions. Russia offered an alternative package with more money and no strings attached. Yanukovich went with the Russian money while trying to maintaining his illicit relationship with the Democrats. Nevertheless, they set up protests in which Ukrainian, Lithuanian, and Georgian nationalists nostalgic for Nazism shot at protesters, an event that was blamed on Yanukovich’s police. Cornered, Yanukovich agreed to reforms and early elections. Nevertheless, the nationalists and their backers ran him out of the country and signed the EU deal.

In the months after, Ukraine’s substantial gold reserves were flown to the USA and Joe Biden’s son Hunter got a seat on a shady Ukrainian energy firm despite a total lack of expertise. The position earned him millions.

Giuliani has also found that over $5 billion in US foreign aid money went to Ukrainian non-governmental organizations owned by George Soros. The US Embassy in Kiev had tried to block Ukrainian investigators from tracking where this money was going.