GoFundMe Suspends Conservative’s Campaign

GoFundMe Suspends Conservative's Campaign

(WatchDogNews.org) – Protests have turned into riots in many cities over the last few weeks and, of course, business owners are not happy about that. One of them spoke out and faced a tremendous amount of backlash. Conservative pundit Candace Owens was angry about how they were treated and decided to raise money for the company before being stopped by GoFundMe (GFM).

Owens was raising money for a Birmingham, Alabama business called Parkside Café. The co-owner of the cafe, Michael Dykes, was under fire after saying the people protesting the death of George Floyd were “idiots.” Candace raised more than $200,000 for him on GFM when her campaign was suddenly shut down.

The fundraising platform said it violated the company’s Terms of Service because it was in “support of hate.”

So, let’s recap. Owens was trying to help a small business owner who she feels was wrongly targeted by the Left. Others agreed with her and donated thousands of dollars, but GFM decided to censor the campaign. WOW!

Although the company will receive the funds that were already raised, it’s unbelievable that Conservatives can’t even raise money anymore. What’s the Left doing to this country?

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